Brother Bobby Seggie was Initiated into Lodge Cadder Argyle on 21s January 1961 at the age of 27. He was one of 5 Candidates for Initiation. He and the other 4 were Passed to Fellowcraft on 2nd March, and Raised Master Masons on 15th April 1961. All three ceremonies were carried out by the Office–bearers and Brethren of the Lodge. Brother Seggie was not long in taking to the floor of the Lodge. He attended his first Instruction Class on 7th February 1961. On 25th April, a week after his Master Mason Degree, he took an active part in the Entered Apprentice Degree at a Regular Meeting of the Lodge. It was not long before he took Office. In December 1961 he was Installed into the post of Junior Chaplain, the post of Senior Chaplain in those days being taken up by Reverend George W. Macarthur, Minister of Chryston Parish Church.

The Master, Brother David Seggie, Bobby’s son, then requested the Director of Ceremonies to carry out his special duty. Brother Bobby Seggie was presented in the West of the Lodge where the Master apologised for keeping him in the dark over the previous few weeks, and thereafter asked the Secretary to read the following tribute.

A crowded Lodge room on Thursday 6th May 2004 bore testimony to the popularity of Brother Invitations to the Lodges with which Bobby had an association had been sent out, and it was only by good fortune that he was kept unaware of the proposed ceremony, as he had been a visitor to three Lodges on the evenings when the invitations were about to be read.Even when the Brethren were struggling to find a seat in the Temple, Bobby was still unaware of the real reason for their attendance, assuming that they were all there to witness the Entered Apprentice Degree about to be conferred by the Senior Warden.