In these days of falling attendances and noticeable drops in applications being received nationwide, it was something of a return to former times when five Fellowcrafts of Lodge Cadder Argyle were Raised Master Masons on Saturday 20th October 2007. This was, however, not a forerunner of a return to the days of numerous candidates, merely a result of the candidates’ varying shift patterns. News of this forthcoming event had travelled far, and a good number of Visiting Brethren were present to witness the Degree carried out by the Past Masters of the Lodge. As was recorded in the Minute of the Meeting, “…carried out with the dignity and decorum expected of the Past Masters of Lodge Cadder Argyle.”

The Degree ceremony must have been an awe-inspiring experience to the candidates, as three of them accepted the Office of Steward at the subsequent Election Meeting, and will be duly installed at the Installation Meeting on 15th December. Prior to this there will be a Mark Ceremonial, and it is expected that eight Brethren will be Marked at the ceremony on Saturday 17th November.

Masonic History is not unfamiliar in the village of Chryston, a small community situated in North Lanarkshire. The local Lodge is Lodge Cadder Argyle No. 147, and it was on 15th February 2003 that the Lodge celebrated the 225th anniversary of the granting of a Charter in 1778. This event was marked by a Ceremony of Re dedication conducted by the Provincial Grand Master and Provincial Senior Grand Chaplain of Dunbartonshire.A further piece of Masonic History was made, however, on 20th September 2003, at the Regular Meeting of the Lodge. The candidate for the Master Mason’s Degree that night was Brother Craig Seggie, nineteen years of age, a Lewis, son of a Master Mason in the Scottish Constitution. An excellent Degree Ceremony was thereafter carried out, and the newest Entered Apprentice took his place in the North-East Corner of the Lodge to witness the remainder of the business. Lodge business was transacted, after which a Deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Dunbartonshire, headed by the Provincial Grand Master, Brother John F. Herrick, was admitted. Still Brother Seggie felt no foreboding of the ceremony about to happen.

Nothing special in that, you may say. What made the evening more important was that the first half of the Degree Ceremony including the Obligation was carried out by the Candidate’s father, Brother David Seggie, Senior Warden of the Lodge. After a moving retrospect of those degrees through which he had already passed explained to him by his father, Craig retired whilst the Lodge room was prepared for his return. On being re-admitted Craig re-enacted the 3rd Degree ceremony and was Raised with great dignity as a Master Mason, the complete ceremony being carried out at the hands of his grandfather, Brother Robert Seggie, Past Master. At that time Bobby, as he is affectionately known, was the Lodge Chaplain, probably the most experienced degree worker in the Lodge. A fitting tribute to the excellent work which had been carried out is recorded in the Minute Book of that evening which states.

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How to become a member of our lodge

Once you get to know us, you will see that all the stories about the secrets of masonry and freemasons are just stories, but there is still a level of secrecy that we need to preserve in order to make our lodges and their members secure and an unity.

Since we are a group of highly moral and educated individuals, we require the same from each of our member, thus no one who does not fulfill these criteria cannot become one of us. Every lodge has its own steps and criteria to becoming a freemason, which are, at the end, formed out of the same principles: moral, education, knowledge, believing in a supreme Being, gender, reputation and age.

Besides being a responsible and known part of your community you also have to be male and older than 18 years in order to even get a chance to become a member of our and any other masonry lodge. If you are interested in some of the big secrets of the history of mankind or want to be a part of important conspiracies and one of the leaders of the new world order, then you are knocking on the wrong door. Masons don't have any of such goals, their goal is to make the world a better place, without taking it over, but with teaching people about their history and letting them learn about the mistakes of their ancestors so that they don't make the same. Because of that, an important part of the ritual of becoming a freemason is learning about our history.

This is being done on our monthly gatherings in public places, such like churches. Although we know the importance of fun in life and being free, we will require from you not to search for company, ladies or people of that kind while you are in the process of becoming a freemason. You will be able to meet with as much girls as you want and make your lonely nights much better and more interesting once you finish the process and pass or become rejected to masonry. And who knows maybe one of these special companions or as you may call them, friends, will become a freemason one day, but not shortly because only males are allowed until now.

We tend to make as much people as possible a part of our fraternity, because we don't have only mutual goals, we have also mutual interests and want to be in company of those that matter and are being respected by others. One becomes a freemason by believing in a higher Being, with or without any certain religion, it does not matter and by getting invited to be one of them, or sending an application to the nearest fraternity. The benefits of freemasonry are big, and they become fewer with getting on a higher degree, and by becoming a master. More about that you can find out in your masonry as a member, until then work on yourself and make sure you show you want to become a freemason.